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Coffee + Asthma Inhalor = The Crazy Shakes
February 23, 2009, 10:12 pm
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Oh yes.  I have since found my inhalor and have been using it instead of dying.  But when paired with coffee… damn it makes me so shaky and jittery.  So this morning I get in and get my jittery on, not really worried because I generally don’t do much here at MTV. 

Kristina gets in at 9:30: “Hey can you cover James’ desk today? He’s at jury duty.”

Me: “Um, ok… (??!)”

Kristina: “Great. If you wanna head on over there and get started, I’ll be right over after I make 2 phone calls. Maybe Scott of Josh can show you what to do.”

And so I collect my stuff for the move and Scott comes over to show me some stuff, but we don’t know James’ password or have access to his email or contacts.  Scott gives me a run-through on how to roll calls on these phones, and tells me very specifically what to say.  I start to get very nervous  – the way I used to get at Red Varden where you they had a strict, no-wavering-whatsoever of the phone script policy.  I’m suddenly aware of how much my body is shaking from the coffee/inhalor combo, but my nerves don’t help either. And it’s not like I don’t know how to do this, because I do and I have done it before. But the pressure of Scott giving me exact specifics on what to say, plus the fact that I’ve never actually met Aaron, and the “he’s really important and I’m gonna ruin everything” type attitude- well let’s just say I fucked up on the movie phone practice calls a few times with Scott.

But after like, 3 tries, I got it, and I felt really comfortable. I even rolled a call, got VM, and went back to my call without dropping anything wrong. But I forgot to get a phone number. Oops.

So I don’t make that mistake again, but JAmes calls and says I don’t have to roll any calls, here’s my password, and just take messages and put them in the task sheet. Really. Freaking. Simple.

I have sinced of course calmed down, both mentally and physically.  Maybe this is due to my perusing of James’ various Jonas Brothers posters adorning his walls.   Who knows. 

I also rode the Big Blue Bus today. Go me.  Except when I got on, I couldn’t quite figure out where to put my quarters? Because in Austin I always just swiped my student ID card. And the guy was like, “You’ve never rode a bus before, have you?”  And I replied, quite weakly , “Uh, not… in this, uh… town.”  Because the buses are different in every town, of course.


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I bet you’re in heaven with those Jonas bros.

Comment by tambelle

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