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March 16, 2009, 8:05 pm
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I’ve really been wanting to write, and I need to.  Last night I dreamed that I got a decision letter from USC- they weren’t accepting me for fall but I could transfer next spring.  Which was confusing, even in my dream, as USC does not accept spring admissions for this program.  So basically I hadn’t gotten in, and they had listed the reasons why.  Apparently all my writing samples came back to only one line of thought, I wasn’t smart enough, and some other horrifying things.  I really thought it was all true and I think I cried.  Then I woke up, thankful that it hadn’t really happened… yet.

I do have my heart set on USC.  If I don’t get in, I think I will hold out a year and apply again.  I don’t think UCLA is worth my time and money.  If I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do it right.

On a random side note, I have these two matching cuts on the edges of both my middle fingertips.  Isn’t that weird? It hurts a lot to type.

Also, I think someone, perhaps myself, should invent – get this – a coffee tumbler.  You know, like a spill-proof, sippee cup for coffee.  Coffee is just way too lethal NOT to put in a tumbler, don’t you think?  (I realized this last Friday after spilling coffee on my keyboard and on my white skirt.  And that was on Friday.  You know, the 13th.)

Speaking of which, last Friday was literally the day from hell.  After the coffee spillage on my WORK clothes, I had to go to WORK after MTV.  A long day from the start, right?  The salon was crazy insane busy.  Like, I didn’t have one  second to get ahead on my paperwork, to give everyone lunches in the computer, or to clock everyone out as they left.  I didn’t get to start on the closeout paperwork until 9:30 or 10.  And it went on forever.  I felt like I was just plodding along through mud, you know? I had so much to do, and my back was KILLING me because I had no morphine, no vicodin, and I was exhausted.  Not only that, but I lost probably about 45 minutes due to messed up tickets and math errors from the morning shift, a receptionist that I fucking cannot stand. 

So, it was at 11:30pm that the computer started to warn me that it would auto-closeout at 11:45.  I still had so much work to do but it was then that my spirit broke.  I was frantically trying to fix everyone’s time clocks, because it was fucking 11:30 and half the staff was still clocked in!  That was seriously my bad.  I should have at least tried to get that done because if you fuck up the time clock its really hard to fix.  I was just so swamped that day and I really thought I had covered everything with my best efforts.  Anyways, the computer shuts itself off and I’m screwed- There were still 5 people with messed up clocks.  I hadn’t made a drawer count, and so I called cole and started crying a little bit.  He told me to call my manager, which I did, and realized I should have done hours ago.  She helped me get the drawer open and told me to just make the deposit and leave it all and she would fix it the next day.  She is so sweet.  I felt so bad because it was my first shift by myself and literally every little thing that isn’t supposed to happen normally, you know, the rare occasions you’re not really trained for- well those happened on Friday.  Now I don’t think I’ll ever get to close again for awhile- which is the better shift for making money. Agh.


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Hey! I’m the other receptionist and i am pissed.

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